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Roku Player Module

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

Roku Player Module
Developer: BitWise Controls
Availability: Download
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Roku media players are a great way to stream content to your TV from services like Netflix, Pandora, and more . This module makes it extremely simple to add a Roku interface to your BitWise user interface.

  • Channel List - Automatically creates a scrolling list (including artwork) for easy selection of any channel installed on the Roku player

    Roku Player Module
  • Auto Layout - If the content area is large enough, the Channel List will appear next to the Remote Control section. Otherwise, a button will be automatically generated to let the user switch back and forth between the Channel List and the Remote Control

    Roku Player ModuleRoku Player Module
  • Text Entry - When the on-screen Roku interface contains a text box (such as for a music search ) just tap the 'Text Entry' button and type your search entry using your device's native keyboard. When you tap 'OK', the text you entered will be sent to the Roku. This is MUCH faster than 'typing' with menu buttons like you would with the Roku remote control

    Roku Player Module
  • IP Address Discovery - Since Roku players don't allow you to set a static IP address, this module uses the serial number of the player to automatically discover it on the network
  • Color Match - Detects the dominant color of the page background, ensuring the GUI content automatically looks great with any of our GUI Templates
  • Multiple Instances - Quickly and easily create unique copies of the Module for projects that include more than one of this device


Updated 3-23-16:

  • Fixed Communication Issue due to API changes

Updated 1-16-14:

  • Fixed 'Star' button - Now sends 'info' function instead of 'search'


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User Interfaces

iOS Android

API - Uses HTTP and/or UPnP communications with the external device or service. May not support controller macros. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • One or more Roku players connected to the same network as the BitWise system
  • Cannot be controlled by controller due to the network communication protocol used. 
  • If you require Roku commands to be executed from a controller macro, you can do so via IR.
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling