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Dynalite Module by Push Controls

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

Dynalite Module by Push  Controls
Dynalite Module by Push  Controls Dynalite Module by Push  Controls
Developer: Push Controls
Availability: Download
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Control Dynalite through an attractive and intuitive user interface. The GUI elements offer smooth control of lighting levels through the use of sliders, and area/channel control using traditional on/off style buttons. The traditional Push lighting GUI elements are provided with the addition of new ‘Antumbra-esque’ lighting components. The module allows control of Dynalite presets/power/levels and provides real time feedback for lighting levels, current lighting status and preset status. All ways of Dynalite programming are supported, from one touch control through to direct presets

  • Control multiple areas and channels from a single page
  • Two-way module provides feedback for light states, and more…
  • Two GUI styles to choose from (Traditional and Dynalite)
  • Drag and drop module programming


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User Interfaces

iOS Android

RS-232 - Requires one unused serial port. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • Requires a Dynalite DTK622-232 interface for integration into the Dynalite network
  • Ensure you have the variant of the DTK622 that supports Auto Detect (there should be 2 X RJ12 sockets as opposed to 3), and ensure that the internal transmit jumper is in the AUTO position (not DTR)
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling