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iBezel Module by iLED

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

iBezel Module by iLED
iBezel Module by iLED iBezel Module by iLED iBezel Module by iLED iBezel Module by iLED iBezel Module by iLED
Developer: iLED
Availability: Download
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This Module allows you to easily integrate multiple iRoom iBezel units into a BitWise Controls System using macros.

This module requires a BitWise Controls BC2/BC1 and does NOT support the BC4.

Simply name create a macro with the name matching to the list at the bottom of the notes page, and it will be run on the controller when the relevant action takes place!


BC1 Projects BC2 Projects BC4 Projects


User Interfaces

iOS Android

TCP - Uses a TCP client connection between the controller and the external device. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • iBezel, installed and fully functional. BitWise Controls cannot provide installation, setup, or programming support for iBezel products.
  • iBezel can only trigger macros on BC1/BC2 controllers, BC4 not supported
  • Android not supported
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling