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Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting Module

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting Module
Developer: BitWise Controls
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Lutron RadioRA2 lighting control products can be easily integrated with any BitWise installation. This module provides an extremely fast and easy method to emulate the Lutron RadioRA2 dimmers and keypads, as well as the ability to control Lutron components from controller macros. See Requirements and Limitations for more information.

  • Virtual Keypads - Instantly duplicate the keypads on the wall for a completely intuitive user experience. Emulates all RA2 keypads, as well as individual load control/monitoring.

    Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting Module
  • Comprehensive & Fast -  Drag and drop configuration is the fastest way to integrate RA2 with your control system

    Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting ModuleLutron RadioRA2 Lighting Module
  • Customizable - You can also assign control and feedback programming to the lighting pages included in our GUI Templates. With this module you can choose to emulate the real-world keypads in the system, or use the GUI Template graphics for a more immersive, 100% custom user experience

    Lutron RadioRA2 Lighting Module


Updated 8-27-14:

  • v1.2 Fixed feedback bug introduced by Lutron firmware 7.7, added debug information


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User Interfaces

iOS Android

RS-232 - Requires one unused serial port. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

TCP - Uses a TCP client connection between the controller and the external device. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • A fully functional Lutron RadioRA2 installation. The Lutron installation should be completed and proper functionality should be verified prior to attempting integration.
  • In order to integrate with BitWise, you will need the 'Integration ID' of each RadioRA2 component. This information is found in the Lutron project file.
  • TCP communication is not recommended for BC4 projects due to the RadioRA2 Main Repeater's login requirements for TCP connections. Given a choice, RS232 (serial) communication is strongly recommended for all projects.
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling