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DSC PowerSeries Module by iLED

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

DSC PowerSeries Module by iLED
Developer: iLED
Availability: Download
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This module allows you to integate DSC PowerSeries security panels with any BitWise Controls installation in seconds. A DSC IT-100 Interface Module is required. 

  • Keypad Emulation - A 'Virtual Keypad' can be added to any GUI page, allowing the user to interact with their security system just as if they were using an on-wall keypad.
    DSC PowerSeries Module by iLED
  • Customizable UI Integration - You can also integrate DSC functions and status feedback with any of our GUI Template packages, creating a seamless look. 
  • Event Triggers - When used with a compatible controller, you can trigger automation actions based on security events such as System Arm, Disarm, Alarm, and more. See Requirements and Limitations for more information.


BC1 Projects BC2 Projects BC4 Projects
YES YES YES (see limitations)


User Interfaces

iOS Android

RS-232 - Requires one unused serial port. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • DSC PowerSeries security system, installed and fully functional. BitWise Controls cannot provide installation, setup, or programming support for DSC products.
  • DSC IT-100 Integration Module, installed and fully functional.
  • Controller macros can only be triggered by DSC security events (arm, disarm, zone status, etc) when used with a BC1 or BC2 controller.
  • If used with a BC4 controller, the amount of data reported by the DSC system can cause sluggish performance when a DSC GUI page is first loaded. This can be worked around by using a BC1 or BC2 controller, or by setting the 'Enable_PageLoad_Status_Requests' user setting to 'false', if full system status is not required.
  • If more than one simultaneous user is expected to be interacting with the system using Keypad Emulation, a BC1 or BC2 controller is strongly recommended for best performance.
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling