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Radio Thermostat Module

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

Radio Thermostat Module
Developer: BitWise Controls
Availability: Download
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Radio Thermostat products are a low-cost way to allow a BitWise installation to control HVAC systems. This module is the fastest way to integrate these products.

  • Virtual Thermostat - Tablet content mimics the thermostat on the wall, so the user is instantly familiar with it.

    Radio Thermostat Module
  • Simple Setup - Just provide the IP address of the thermostat, drag the appropriate GUI content onto a page, and you're done.
  • Convenient - Provides easy control of fan, mode, and setpoint.
  • Multiple Instances - Quickly and easily create unique copies of the Module for projects that include more than one of this device


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User Interfaces

iOS Android

API - Uses HTTP and/or UPnP communications with the external device or service. May not support controller macros. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information
  • A compatible Radio Thermostat connected to the same network as the Bitwise system
  • Cannot be controlled by BC4 macro commands due to the network communication protocol used
  • If you need to control the thermostat via macros or scheduling, you must use a BC1 or BC2 controller
  • The Radio Thermostat has a very slow internal processor and may become temporarily unresponsive when subjected to multiple control/status requests in a short period of time. If the installation is likely to allow multiple users to be interacting with the thermostat simultaneously, the Radio Thermostat is not recommended.
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling