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DirecTV GENIE GUI Module

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

DirecTV GENIE GUI Module
DirecTV GENIE GUI Module DirecTV GENIE GUI Module DirecTV GENIE GUI Module
Developer: BitWise Controls
Availability: Download
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This module allows you to control the DirecTV Genie system. For systems using standalone DirecTV receivers, use our DirecTV Standalone module instead. See 'Requirements' for compatible receivers.

The provided GUI Content is pre-programmed and closely mimics the native DirecTV app's remote control interface. You can also use this module to add DirecTV control to any GUI buttons in the pages provided by one of our GUI Templates for a completely seamless interface.

  • ​Controls Genie DVR and Clients
  • Uses IP network, eliminating the need for IR emitters
  • DVR and Clients can optionally be controlled from a single page
  • Current channel number and show title feedback is displayed on tablet interfaces
  • Can be added to any project in seconds


Updated 2-13-14:

  • Now Supports Room Remote (BC1 & BC2 Controllers Only)

Updated 1-20-14:

  • Fix issue manual 'Tune' function

Updated 11-13-13:

  • Fix issue with custom DVR name not being displayed
  • Fix issue with Genie Client MAC address not properly being included in commands


BC1 Projects BC2 Projects BC4 Projects


User Interfaces

iOS Android

API - Uses HTTP and/or UPnP communications with the external device or service. May not support controller macros. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • An installed and working DirecTV Genie system.
  • The main DirecTV DVR must be connected to the same network as the BitWise system and assigned a static IP address or DHCP reservation
  • External Device control must be enabled on the receiver(s) (Menu button->Parental, Fav’s & Setup->System Setup->Whole-Home->External Device->Allow).

Supported DirecTV receivers:

*Not compatible with VPN tunneling

BC4 Controller macros not supportedFavorite channel buttons can be programmed using the Module's "Tune" function. Power On is automatically sent to the DirecTV receiver when a page containing the DirecTV module is navigated to. If Power Off is desired from a system macro, you can program the Power Off command on the release action of the same button that triggers the macro. 

Genie Client Power - Genie Client hardware currently does not support Power On commands via IP. It is recommended to leave all Genie clients turned on. You should disable the client's Power Saving feature via the settings menu on each Genie Client.