Frequently Asked Questions

What Are GUI Templates?

GUI (Graphical User Interface) Templates are an amazing time-saver. They combine graphics files and pre-configured page layouts for common devices and activities. They also include "Command Tags", which allow installers to program entire GUI pages in seconds. 

Each template includes a variety of backgrounds, icons, and buttons. Each template provides a different look and feel, and every page is 100% customizable. GUI Templates are the fastest and most cost effective way to create an intuitive, custom tailored interface for any project's unique requirements.

What Are Modules?

Modules are the fastest, most cost-effective way for installers to integrate complex sub-systems. While every BitWise dealer has access to the software used to write custom two-way device 'drivers', this can be a time consuming process. Modules combine device programming and pre-configured GUI (Graphical User Interface) content into a single file that is easily imported into any project.

In most cases, the installer simply has to enter a few configuration settings (such as which  serial port the device is conected to, zone names, etc).  The end result is that Modules allow you to accomplish in seconds or minutes what may take hours or days with other systems.


What Are Authentication Keys?

Since Modules are purchased on a per-project basis, an authentication key must be created for each module that will be used in a given project. During checkout you will be prompted to supply the MAC address of a controller that will be physically present in the installation. The MAC address will be used to generate an authentication key for each protected module in your purchase. When adding a Module to your project, you will be prompted to provide the corresponding authentication key.

The MAC address of a controller can be found on a sticker on the bottom or back of the unit.

How do I install a Module?

Modules are added to projects using Project Editor's built-in Module Browser. All you have to do is download your purchased Modules, then add them to the project by following the instructions.

Can I purchase Modules for more than one project at a time?

No, the MAC address you supply during checkout will be used to generate authentication keys for each Module in your cart.  This simplifies the checkout procedure, and allows you to more easily track which orders are associated with each project.

If you need to purchase Modules for more than one project, you should create a separate order for each project.

Which MAC should I use if I have multiple controllers?

As long as the MAC address you used belongs to a controller that is physically connected to the network and exists in the project file, it doesn't matter which controller the Module's device is connected to. 

How are updates handled?

Occasionaly, a Module or GUI Template may be updated to introduce new functionality, improve performance, or fix a bug. When a Module is updated, you can access the latest version from the 'Downloads' section of your store account.

You do not need to create a new authentication key to update a Module in your project. All you have to do is load the new Module file in the Module Browser, and follow the provided instructions.

I have a new computer, can I transfer my purchased downloads?

Yes. The "Downloads" section of your account page has download links for your entire order history. Just log in to your account and download whatever you need onto your new computer.

Will Modules work over VPN?

Due to the nature of VPN, in most cases modules cannot discover/authenticate controllers when connected via VPN. In this scenario, users will be presented with a series of warnings. Our upcoming remote access service allows most Modules to work seamlessly from an external internet connection, without the need for VPN tunneling.