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Nest Thermostat Module
With this module you can add a virtual Nest thermostat interface to your projects in seconds. The us..
Philips Hue Module by controlHome
This Philips Hue Module allows you to control Philips Hue lamps inside the BitWise Touch app. You ca..
Radio Thermostat Module
Radio Thermostat products are a low-cost way to allow a BitWise installation to control HVAC systems..
RCS Thermostat Module
Your RCS thermostats can be easily integrated with any BitWise installation. This module provides an..
UPB Module by Domocol
The UPB module allows full control over UPB systems via any network connected device. Allo..
Voice Viper Module by Aldous Systems
 This module allows a BitWise controller to run macros based on commands received from the Voic..
Z-Wave Module by ADA
This Z-Wave Module is used for controlling Z-Wave lighting modules/switches, appliance plug-in modul..