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MODE Base Module by iLED

GUI Module Authentication Key - Single Project

MODE Base Module by iLED
MODE Base Module by iLED MODE Base Module by iLED
Developer: iLED
Availability: Download
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This cost-effective Module works with Speakercraft's MODE Base iPod docks, allowing you to integrate your Speakercraft installations seamlessly into BitWise with a single drag-and-drop.

This Module provides the following functionality:

  • Playback Control
  • Media Browsing
  • Now-Playing Feedback
  • Album Art

Updated 9/23/15

  • Bug Fixes
  • User Manual Included



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User Interfaces

iOS Android

RS-232 - Requires one unused serial port. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • A compatible BitWise controller. See 'Compatibility' for more information.
  • A completely installed and working Speakercraft MZC system with MODE Base and MODE Adapter
  • Speakercraft RSA 1.0 serial interface with "MZC Control Interface Firmware"
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling
  • Album Art requires internet access