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Philips Hue Module by controlHome

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Philips Hue Module by controlHome
Philips Hue Module by controlHome Philips Hue Module by controlHome
Developer: controlHome
Availability: Download
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This Philips Hue Module allows you to control Philips Hue lamps inside the BitWise Touch app. You can integrate the lights in a floor plan of the house or control the individual lights using sliders. Integrating the lights is very simple because the module does all the work for you. On the first run, it automatically scans the network and connects to the Hue Bridge where you confirm the connection by pressing the link button on the Bridge. Once this is done, the connection is set up and stored permanently on your device.

The module automatically retrieves all associated lamps and lighting groups and displays them in a directly controllable list where new lights can be added or existing may be removed.

Additionally, the module is designed to easily integrate lights on a floor plan. Just add your floor plan to a GUI page and drag and drop the respective lights on the floor plan.

• Automatically scans the network for the Hue Bridge
• Manage Lights and groups directly in BitWise Touch
• Easily integrate lights on a floor plan (sample included)
• Ability to control saturation, hue, and brightness with sliders
• Power off/on all lights with a single press
• Lighting icons for various Hue lighting devices
• Support for English and German language




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User Interfaces

iOS Android OmniTouch 7

API - Uses HTTP and/or UPnP communications with the external device or service. May not support controller macros. See Requirements and Limitations for additional information.

  • Philips HUE Bridge with physical access
  • Philips HUE compatible lamps
  • Not compatible with VPN tunneling

  • Controller Macros are not supported